Our Story

My name is Tom and I'm the owner of SKY HIGH DESIGN. I launched my business because I developed a love of all things rustic, natural, industrial, chic, minimalist, and opulent. I wanted to give people the opportunity to fill their homes and lives with such things. Each piece is unique with its own appeal, made with love and care. From the beauty of a piece of wood with it’s grain and natural colours, to the industrial simplicity of pipe crafted into a useful rail. 
On this site you'll discover handmade furniture and items. Most are ready to be sent, but I also sell many custom orders. Customers have the option to 'Build Your Own' Coffee Table, Dining Table, Desk, Worktop, or Bench Seat. This gives you the chance to create that perfect piece to suit your home. 
Please enjoy shopping and contact me if you need any further assistance.